Project Neverend
Neverend is a Players versus Players turn-based board game, focusing on a chess-like gameplay
and tactics. With pixel art style, the players are taking control of a different types of characters where their
mission is to trap opponent's characters between wall of fire and surrounding walls, making them unable
to move. Every turn player needs to move their characters and shoot a flaming arrow, if character can't
move, it is out of the game and player will eventually lose.

Players need to predict opponent decissions and as well plan their own tactics to victory.
Gameplay area can be in different size and shape, allowing different tactics to be used. The area layout is
grid and player's characters can move and shoot arrows in vertical, horizontal and in diagonal axises.
Players can either queue against random players or play against their friends with easy to share lobby code.
Game will be released for PC and in mobile.

Heroic labs' game server Nakama will enable crucial data transfer between players' clients and provide essential match
making/listing and handle necessary authentications and communications between players.

This website will be updated during the development of the game, so stay tuned!
Last updated: 24.8.2021

Contact: marko dot juhani dot loponen at gmail dot com

Dungeon tileset, Ranger, Arrow by Calciumtrice, usable under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.